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We Convince 11th Circuit to Reverse 35 Year’s of Precedent in Anti-Kickback Act Cases: A Lesson on How Hard It Is to Win
Kish Law LLC

Readers know I am a federal criminal defense attorney in Atlanta who handles such matters throughout Georgia and the remainder of the country.  I recently took on the appeal in a case here in the 11th Circuit (which covers the federal courts in Florida, Georgia and Alabama).  The case was an appeal by a doctor…

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Appeals From a Criminal Conviction: Some Thoughts About the Process and Writing a Brief
Kish Law LLC

People who are trying to get their criminal conviction reversed or overturned often contact us at our criminal defense firm here in Atlanta.  Sometimes, they are trying to help a friend or loved one.  Often, the people who contact us are a little confused about the appellate process and how we prepare the written Brief…

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Appealing a Criminal Case: Court Issues Rare Ruling in Deciding That Previous Lawyer Missed an Issue That Would Have Helped the Defendant
Kish Law LLC

Here at our firm we do a fair number of criminal appeals.  Some cases come out of the federal courts, here in Atlanta, throughout Georgia, and occasionally in other parts of the country.  We also handle criminal appeals arising out of Georgia’s state courts.  As described in an opinion issued two days ago by the…

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Federal Criminal Conviction Reversed When Trial Judge Prohibited Defendant From Talking With His Attorney During Two Overnight Recesses
Kish Law LLC

Yesterday the Court of Appeals here in Atlanta reversed a federal criminal conviction in a mortgage fraud case.  The Defendant was in the middle of testifying in his own defense.  During two overnight recesses, the trial judge told the Defendant he could not speak with “anyone” about his testimony, and could only talk with his…

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Criminal Defense Attorneys Win Case in Supreme Court: Decision Turned on the Meaning of When ” Death Results”
Kish Law LLC

This past Wednesday some federal criminal defense attorneys won a case in the United States Supreme Court when they convinced the Justices that they had the better interpretation of the part of a law that increased their client’s sentence if “death results” from something he did. I previously posted about the case here. The case…

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Good Lawyers Are Persistent, and Continuous Arguments Result in Supreme Court Victory
Kish Law LLC

As any reader of this blog knows, I am a big fan of good, aggressive and persistent criminal defense lawyers. I have had the chance to practice and observe many great criminal defense lawyers, here in Atlanta, throughout Georgia, and in other parts of the country when my work takes me to places like Florida,…

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