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“brady Material” and the High-Profile “varsity Blues” Case Show How Defense Lawyers Can Change the Perception of a Criminal Case
Kish Law LLC

Many people have heard about “Varsity Blues”,  which is a federal criminal case handled in Boston that alleges lots of wealthy parents basically paid for advantages to get their children into college. When the case broke and virtually all commentators were assuming that the Defendants were guilty, I posted about how everybody needs to take…

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The “trial Penalty” and the Defendant Who Is Likely Not Guilty
Kish Law LLC

Attorneys who, like me, spend most of their time representing people accused of federal crimes know far too well what the academic researchers and writers call the “Trial Penalty.”  This is the well-documented aspect of the federal criminal justice system in which any person with the nerve to stand up to the federal government in…

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Mandatory Minimum Penalties in Federal Criminal Cases: Changes Over the Years
Kish Law LLC

I am reviewing the Discovery (meaning the evidence) in a somewhat old federal criminal case that has ties to both Atlanta and North Carolina.  My client is accused of a drug crime, and from the indictment and other materials it appears that the prosecutors contend that there is a mandatory minimum penalty of 5 years…

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Interesting People Have the Best Cases: Rod Class v. U.s
Kish Law LLC

I happen to like people like Rodney “Rod” Class, even if I often  disagree with them.  Some people call him a “gun nut.”  He refers to himself as a “constitutional bounty hunter.”  He likes his guns, and has a very healthy distrust of government.  Rod’s case will be argued late next week in the Supreme…

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Lawyers Who Represent People as Opposed to Attorneys Who Represent Companies or Movements: What Every Prospective Client Should Ask
Kish Law LLC

Here at Kish & Lietzamp; Lietz, we proudly represent individuals who are being investigated for or prosecuted with criminal offenses. A set of recent stories about how drug companies in Europe are refusing to provide the drugs used for executions reminded me about the difference between attorneys who represent individual people, versus those lawyers who…

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Politics and Criminal Law: The Curious Case of Tom Delay and Reversal of His Convictions for Money Laundering
Kish Law LLC

Politics impacts many of our criminal cases here in Atlanta, throughout Georgia, Florida and Alabama, and in federal cases we do throughout the country. The intersection of politics and criminal prosecutions is especially prevalent in public corruption investigations. Prosecutors often have a political motive in “going after” a particular defendant, and many a prosecutor has…

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