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Do Not Break Cash Deposits Into Smaller Deposits If You Have More Than $10,000: Atlanta Federal Court Upholds Conviction Against Doctor
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The Federal Court of Appeals here in Atlanta yesterday upheld the convictions against a doctor who, among other things, engaged in cash transactions involving less than $10,000, in order to avoid having the bank file a “currency transaction report”, or “CTR.  The case is called United States v. Sperrazza, and can be read here. We represent…

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Bankers Get Indicted: New Crimes Still Require Old Approaches
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More and more both here in Atlanta and around the country we see news stories about bankers getting indicted, financial professionals being accused of fraud, and other white collar criminal actions brought against people working in the financial sector. Also, in a recent post, I wrote about a federal criminal case where the indictment did…

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Long-term Difficulties Faced by Innocent Federal Criminal Defendants, Even After Acquittal
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Often in our business, being innocent and acquitted of a crime is not enough to remedy the harms caused by a criminal prosecution. These harms are often emotional, professional, and financial. The federal government has taken inadequate steps to alleviate the burdens that these innocent people must bear. In 1997 Congress passed the Hyde Amendment.*…

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