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Perfect Storm in Federal Prosecution: Taxes, Publicity and Race in the Wesley Snipes Case
Kish Law LLC

The high profile prosecution of actor Wesley Snipes in Orlando, Florida seems to be an example of the “perfect storm” phenomenon. The combination of publicity, taxes and race has led to a variety of interesting rulings and tactics in this federal criminal tax case. These factors are a lesson to other potential high profile targets…

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Federal Crimes: Can Prosecutors Use Similar Act Evidence??
Kish Law LLC

One of the hardest questions lawyers need to answer in a federal criminal case is whether the prosecutor can use “similar act” or “other crime” evidence. Sometimes, the law permits the prosecutor to introduce evidence that on a time OTHER than the one charged in the indictment, the defendant did something similar to what he…

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Federal Criminal Trials: More Thoughts on Whether the Defendant Should Testify
Kish Law LLC

Trials of Federal criminal cases are difficult enough to defend, but helping the client figure out whether to testify in his or her defense might be the single hardest job for the lawyer. In an earlier post, I described some rules by which the courts say that the defendant’s testimony can “fix” the holes in…

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